What We Offer


Building Dedicated Teams

We provide staff-leasing of different sizes, working on various technologies.


Maintenance & Support

In order to provide our Clients with all advantages of well functioning software, We offer multiple options for Maintenance & Support Services.


Software Development Services

We provide IT related services to Clients throughout the entire life-cycle of development (Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing, Evolution).


Business Intelligence Expertise

We offer comprehensive BI solutions which are fundamental in critical business metrics enabling informed strategic decision-making.

Our Capabilities

Enterprise Resource Planning

Recognizing the role that ERP can play in delivering a cost-effective and reliable solution, we are working to establish strategic partnerships with such renowned companies as I2 Technologies, Oracle, PeopleSoft and SAP. With these partnerships we can provide authentic support for supply chain, financial, manufacturing, inventory, human resource, and sales applications.

Application Development

Our application development expertise comprises multiple platforms and extends into the banking, insurance, government, transportation, and telecom sectors. Our knowledge of tools like WebLogic, WebSphere, and iPlanet enables us to deliver the full benefits of JAVA technologies. Moreover, as a Microsoft-certified solution provider, we can show you how to reduce your IT budget using proven Microsoft technologies such as COM, MTS, and Visual Basic.

Data Management Services

We offer complete data management services, including database design, DBMS selection and implementation, database administration, data migration, data analysis, and data security implementation. Our consultants have assisted Fortune 1000 clients in these areas over Oracle, DB2, UDB, Sybase, Informix, and IMS platforms.